Quality above all in every aspect of operations is what drives and motivates our company
  • Quality being a key factor leading to our success
  • Invest in personnel and resources
  • Committed to Clients and ensure highest quality
  • Committed to continuously improving
  • ISO 9001 Certified


Our Health Safety and Environment system was developed in accordance with: OSHA 18000 & ISO 14001,ISO45001.
The safety system covers the disciplines, lines of works and activities that the company is engaged with . Chemo ahron is committed to

  • Meet the highest Safety laws and regulations in the Industry
  • Safety personnel, procedures and independent safety management
  • Management Support and Employers involvement
  • Encourages employees to own responsibility for the safety of oneself & the environment

Our Safety System includes:

An organizational safety structure which includes the accountability and responsibility of all the staff including: managers, our safety commissioners, our safety trustees and our workers.A working frame that includes: safety procedures, safety permits and risk assessments regarding our activities and projects.
Creating a working environment that promotes ZERO accidents and hazards and maximizing hazards elimination. The existence of regular safety inspections, regular safety trainings and involving workers with safety issues.
The existence of safety equipment, safety facilities and personal protective equipment, in accordance with the safety requirements for each activity.Holding safety events’ investigations, through which maximum conclusions and lessons are drawn. These are implemented in subsequent projects in order to prevent further safety events.

Standards, Qualifications, and safety

CA maintains quality and safety system, certified in accordance to ISO 9001, ISO 14000, ISO 3834 Part 2, DVGW G491 & G495, and ISO 18000.