We Are Trusted by Hundreds of Clients in Israel.

Since 1960 there was hardly an energy infrastructure project in Israel without our contribution and particiapation.

At Chemo-Aharon Limited, we have completed numerous energy and infrastructure projects, gaining our customers’ trust and admiration. We have created partnerships and act as agencies for the most prominent international companies and have worked in various fields with exceptional results, and have contributed to Israel being a world leader in energy and infrastructure. Please find out more by reaching out to our team of extraordinary experts to realize your next project today.

Our Customers

Top Management

CA built an A team of industry leaders to manage every aspect of our projects and operations and is committed to Clients and ensure the highest quality projects.

Quality Service

CA is meeting strict industry standards

  • ISO 9001 Certified

Professional Staff

Investing in personal Training resources and the well-being of our highly motivated professional workforce is a crucial factor leading to our success

Fully equipped

CA owns all the necessary equipment to perform any projects at every level. We heavily invest in companies and subsidiaries developing and bringing new technologies and processes to the ever-changing infrastructure industry.

Safety First

At CA, we go to great length to Meet the highest Safety laws and regulations in the industry, such as being

  • ISO 45001 certified
  • ISO 14001 certified
  • ISO 9001 certified

Eco Friendly

Committed to continuously improving our technology and process to leave a minimal footprint on the environment, we also Encourage employees to own responsibility for the safety of themselves & the surrounding.